Libre Excel Tools

Many of the best data tools, including Python and R, have benefited from a community of developers producing an array of tools that greatly enhance the base installation.  And while Excel has an amazing community of users who help each other on forums, and share knowledge in blogs and videos; and there are many Excel add-ons; there has been a noticeable hole in libraries of functions and tools for Excel developers and advanced analysts.

The Libre Excel Tools were created to start to fill this hole, and provide a set of tools to make it quicker and easier to develop and conduct data work with Excel.  The Libre Excel Tools include useful function patterns, user defined functions, macros, and tables of data.


The Libre Excel Tools are open source tools to help with an array of data tasks, including data sets, example functions, VBA macros, and user defined functions (UDFs).


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Web Scraping
Data Analysis
Data Integration


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