Jacob J. Walker, M.S.

Data Actionist

Jacob Walker is the sole proprietor and principal consultant / data actionist with Data Actionism.  In his youth, he was a “whiz kid” providing computer consulting for small businesses, and now has over three decades of experience in information technology and data systems. His early focus was in telecommunications, helping his friend start the first Internet provider in Placer County.

He then had the opportunity to enter the field of education, with "one foot" in as an educator (technology instructor and later an administrator) and the other foot in as a "techie" (database administrator and later in charge of a small IT department).  But in all roles, there was a common theme: using data to take action

He taught students Excel and other productivity software; as well as IT and computer science classes.  As an institutional researcher, he used data to support his schools accreditation processes. And as a techie he supported daily operations through database administration, as well as completed many data projects to support organizational success, as can be seen in the Data Actionism Portfolio.

Relevant Skills
Microsoft Excel
Earned perfect score on the Microsoft Excel Expert certification exam. Taught Excel 15+ years. Advanced skills: VBA, M (PowerQuery), DAX (PowerPivot & Power BI)
Data Analysis and Action
Experienced in multiple analysis and research methods, including leading edge data mining and machine learning methodologies
Information System Customization and Data Integration
Experienced in custom form and custom fields/tables development, and integrating data systems (ETL, EII, EAI, APIs, etc.)
Experience in a variety of languages: R, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, SQL, VBA, & C
Database and Server Administration
Experience with MS SQL Server, PostgresDB, Windows Server, and Linux; including virtualization and data security. Lifetime A+ Certification
Staff Development
Been recognized as a Teacher of the Year. Have taught Excel, Python, IT, and security
IT and Business Management
Experienced as an tech support supervisor, IT department manager, and charter school cofounder
Data Actionism
Principal Consultant
  • Help businesses and other organizations transform data into action
  • Open to work as an independent contractor or potential employment
  • Projects can be seen in the Data Actionism Portfolio
Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools
Co-founder / Coordinator
  • Coordinated the school's IT department
  • Produced advanced management reports, and state reports,including the annual School Accountability Report Card.
  • Performed all advanced data work, including the data migration to a new student information system, integrating data systems, and developing custom forms and custom fields/tables for the school.
  • Acted a variety of other leadership and management roles, including developing policies, conducting legal research, and coordinating the academic department
Heald College Online
Full-Time Faculty of Information Technology
  • As a Professor, taught Spreadsheet Essentials
  • Was a member of the Quality Student Feedback team, developing guidelines for faculty about providing feedback to students.
  • Participated in Full-Time Faculty Meetings and was part of several key policy recommendations.
  • Performed institutional research to understand online retention rates
  • Automated several processes through the use of advanced spreadsheets (including VBA programming)
Twin Rivers Adult School (Formerly Grant Adult Education)
Database Administrator, Institutional Researcher, Technology Instructor
  • Instructed Adults in Microsoft Excel, Databases with Analysis, Security, advanced (work study) technician program, and more
  • Primary researcher for data driven decision making:
    • Adult Secondary Education Student Persistence: Improving Institutional Methods
    • Correlation of Student Age to Student Persistence
    • Correlation and Possible Causation of Cohort Size to Student Persistence in Open Entry Courses
  • Primary researcher for grant applications, accreditation and mandated reports
  • Chairperson of the Technology Action Team (2004-2013)
  • In-house Technology In-service Professional Development Trainer
  • Database Technician & Administrator
Psyberware Communications
Lead Technician
  • Founding employee during the start-up stage of the company as a home-based business; continued through to the maturation of a medium-sized company.
  • Being part of a start-up company, I had the opportunity to be involved in many areas including management, marketing, training, technical writing, etc.
University of South Africa
Doctoral Student
  • On a leave of absence from my doctoral studies and research. 
  • Research employs data mining methods for correlation discovery across multiple data sets pertaining to a common set of entities.
NOVA Southeastern University
Master of Science in Brain-Based Teaching
Charter Oak State College
Bachelors of Science, Individualized Studies in Technology, Education, and Systems
  • Graduated with Honors
California State University Sacramento
Sierra College
Associate of Arts in Computer Science - Management Information Systems
Relevant Publications

Walker, J. J. (2016). Definition of a TSUUID and Recommendation for New UUID Version.

Walker, J. J. (2013, November 28). The Case for becoming the International Educational Data Science Society: An Open Letter to the IEDMS.

Cataldo, B., Frezzo, D., Grotegut, R., Hu Dahl, I., Martinez, J., Niemitz, M., … Walker, J. (2013). Information and Communication Technologies Model Curriculum Standards. California Department of Education.

Walker, J. J. (2011). Missing a “Trillion”: How do we know if we are teaching the right things? SSRN eLibrary.

Walker, J. J. (2010). Minesweeper and Hypothetical Thinking Action Research & Pilot Study. Effective Education Project.

Walker, J. J. (2008). Open Letter to Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda Regarding Virtual Onshoring.

Affiliated Consultants

Jacob also works with an excellent group of affiliated consultants to ensure that the right talent is available to get a job done.