Please Up Vote me for Microsoft Excel

Excel LogoAs I talked about yesterday, there is an inherent bias in LinkedIn’s Featured Skills and Endorsement system.  For example, despite me earning a perfect score on the Microsoft Office Excel Expert exam, I have had a very low number of up votes on the skill, simply because people haven’t known that I’m very skilled….

Now, I could simply do a “hack” and send messages to all my contacts to “trade” skill ranks. But I have never been the type of person to say something about someone without knowing it is true.  So even though I’ve given out a fair number of recommendations on LinkedIn, I have meant every one of them.

So I would not ask anyone to up-vote my skill without some proof.  So here it is, this is a screenshot of my CertiPort account, as that is the only place you can see my actual scores.  (You will notice I did very well in my Microsoft Word test, but I scored perfectly on my Excel test):

Screenshot of my Microsoft Excel Expert Exam results, showing a perfect score

Now, of course, if I was unethical, I could have “photo shopped” this screenshot…  But if I was unethical, wouldn’t I just go and trade up-votes instead?  And you can verify that I passed the Excel certification by going to the CertiPort Verification Site, and typing in my verification code of wCsC5-4SdV.

So I am asking all my LinkedIn connections: Now that I’ve shown proof of expertise, would you please do me the favor of up voting my Microsoft Excel skill?  And if you want to check out my other skills that I show off in the Data Actionism Portfolio, you are welcome to up vote some of my related skills, such as data analysis, or programming, etc.

Just please don’t up my education related skills…  The world knows I’ve got those.  I need more people to know that I’m a “data ninja” 🙂

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