Month: December 2016

Fixing Formula Auto-Fill / Replication / Calculated Column Problem in an Excel 2016 Query Table

One of the great new features of Excel 2016, is that it has Power Query and Power Pivot built-in.  This makes connecting to a database a LOT easier, where a database table, view, or query will get imported into an Excel table, and then new columns can be added to that table with formulas.  For folks like myself who are good with Excel formulas, this is often easier (and sometimes more powerful) than trying to have the SQL query itself do calculations.

But, I had run into a problem, which was that on one of my spreadsheets, every time I would refresh a query, all the new data from the query would not have the formula column automatically fill in like I was expecting.   And since I had a fairly complex spreadsheet, if I forgot about this problem, I would get bad data and reports….   So I needed to fix it.

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