Month: December 2015

Macro to Find and Delete Blank Strings produced by Formulas

Some day I’ll write a “Top 10 list” about the problems with Excel, and workarounds, and when I do, this post will be on the list! While I know the title of this post sounds obscure, I run into a problem ALL THE TIME with Excel, that often I have a formula that if there is an error I want it to resolve to being blank, and I can kind of do this with =iferror(formula,””)  And while this looks blank on the screen, and many formulas will treat it as being blank, unfortunately both PivotTables and charts will not!  For years, I have solved this problem by manually going to each cell that has a blank, and pressing delete. (Because find and replace can’t do this!!)  But that wastes a lot of time, so today, I finally decided to take the time to create a macro to fix this, because in my searching on the Internet, I never found one.

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