Email to my Doctor about Proactive Medical Plan in May

I just sent the following to my doctor about the proactive medical appointments I had in May:

Per our conversations, I have been working proactively on my chronic medical conditions, specifically obesity, my cholesterol, and my pre-hypertension (since previously I briefly had blood pressure in the hypertension range).  As you should be able to see, I have attended the Move to Thrive and other health education programs several times in May, and I will also let you know that I attended the gym regularly.  I also got a daily blood pressure screening from Kaiser, as you should be able to note.  For my personal records, and for my employer, I’d like to get a printed copy of all the days I went in for my blood pressure screening in May, along with the other appointments, such as health classes, I have had with Kaiser Permanente in May.  Could I pick these up on Monday afternoon?  Thanks!

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