My Thoughts about Digifit’s iCardio Android App

So far I’ve been overall very happy with Digifit’s iCardio app for Android.  I realized that it had the GPS feature I was looking for, so I didn’t need the JogTracker app.  I am especially impressed that its CSV export includes a large amount of data of snapshots of the workout session, so there is a lot of data to be able to analyze with a very fine granularity. I also like that the app has a Notes section for each workout, which allows the entry of some good qualitative information including a place to write notes, an overall rating of the workout (1 to 5 stars), the feeling of intensity of the workout (Easy, Moderate, Medium, Hard, or Intense),  mood during the workout (as a set of faces from frowning to very happy), and an icon to represent the weather.  I only wish that this qualitative info was also part of the CSV export.  The only other improvements that I think would be really useful are:

  1. To have integration with the Accupedo app, as the two apps complement each other very well.
  2. To connect with the Wii Balance Board to be able to measure weight

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