First Official Day of Intensive Proactive Medical Plan

I just completed a session of Move to Thrive with Kaiser.  I was the youngest person in the session, but that was what I expected, given that the times of the classes are during traditional work hours.  But it was good to be with a bunch of seniors, as I didn’t feel any perceived peer pressure to do more than I could or to be embarrased about my fitness.  I also feel more confident that any of the moves we are doing is generally safe for someone like myself who is in poorer shape.

With the walking portion of the session, I performed above the average of other participants.  (Although again they were all much older than myself)  I am sure that my previous work at the gym on the treadmill was a factor to being able to walk at a good brisk pace for several laps around the center, while having my laptop backpack on.

With the balance portion of the session, I performed slightly below the average of the other participants. We did exercises in the chair at first, which were much more rigorous and challenging than I expected.  We also did other standing exercises and stretches, with several being on one foot (which was challenging for me).  We were encouraged to not overdo anything and to modify the activities as much as needed.

Currently my body is feeling well stretched, in a good way.  I now know what I need to bring to future sessions (which I probably should get today so I can be prepared for tomorrow).  These items include bottle water (which I should have known, and thankfully I drank a lot before the class), small hand weights, a hat, and balance pods.  I will record my activities tonight in Wii Fit Plus, and also measure my weight/BMI.

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