Embarking upon Personal Action & Applied Research into my Health using Self-Quantifying Methods

By definition, if science is to be able to do any good, then it must be apply-able. The question at hand for me is whether I can apply the use of knowledge gained from science about human behavior, combined with my own self quantifying methods to produce a result where I become a healthier person.  This will be the true challenge of seeing if I can be true to what I espouse as a philosophy and not be a hypocrite, as there are many parts of this experiment that I know will test my integrity to principles, including:

  • Can I maintain a sufficiently objective view point when I am studying my own actions and behaviors?
  • Can I accurately document my data, when I am inclined to have a psychological bias to under report what I eat and over report my exercise?
  • Can I admit that I am wrong when evidence shows I am wrong, and improve my thinking and actions as I progress?

I believe I will be answer those questions in the affirmative, even if I have set-backs along the way.  One part to being able to do so is with starting these journal entries to help document the qualitative portions of this research, which will soon include more about my research plan, more about other research I’m learning about, and reflections about going through the process.

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