• See the Forest and the Trees

    To make the right actions, you must be able to both see the big picture, and dive down deeper.  Our dashboard solutions don’t hide the details, but let you dive as deep as you want, slicing and dicing your data however you want to see it.
  • Take Action on the System

    There is never just “data”.  Data describes aspects of a system, and without understanding that system, and its processes, you can’t take effective action.
  • Connecting the Dots…

    You have data everywhere, but without it being connected, you have inefficiency at best, and blindness at the worst.
  • Data Data Everywhere… But not a Thought to Think.

    Action must be made on knowledge.  Data informs that knowledge, but even “big data” can be skewed or incomplete, leading to bad decisions.
  • Jacob is one of the most skilled people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and knowing. Whether it be data science, programming, or education, Jacob seems to always have it in the bag. His dedication to his work shows with his incredible learning skills and knowledge. Jacob can truly overcome any task that comes before him, and it was an honor to have him mentor me to learn those great traits.

  • Our school recently switched the SIS we use to PowerSchool.  As my employment began around the time of the transition, a large part of my role has been SIS administration and report generation, alongside Jacob. Prior to that, Jacob was successful in transferring all our data from the old SIS to PowerSchool.  PowerSchool is famous for its customizability and due to Jacob’s work in the back end, we currently have a far improved product from the one we purchased just 9 months ago.

  • My boss made some very complimentary statements to me on my Excel skills.  Owe it all to you.

  • My business is to optimize online advertising for ecommerce companies.  This is all done through various forms of data analysis where we can increase a company’s profits through statistical and experimental methodologies.  Jacob is one of those rare people with whom I can talk through ideas and methods before we implement them.  He has also repeatedly helped me with using Excel more effectively for advanced analysis.

  • We are very pleased to be able to launch UC Davis Extension’s “Data Use for School Improvement“… [Jacob’s] insight and feedback were invaluable in developing a program to meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders in the field

  • Working with Jacob was a bright point in my career. He is well versed in the conceptual and practical sides of data systems. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a visionary for their team.

  • Jacob Walker is dedicated to serving the common good and promoting social change.  I would highly recommend Jacob to any visionary organization that wants someone who is willing to think in new ways and help their team to achieve its full potential.

  • Dear Mr. Jacob Walker: Congratulations on being named a 2010 Twin Rivers [Adult School] Teacher of the Year…  I join with your students, community, and the school district in commending you for your outstanding work in the classroom.

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